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Join our Team Today

We are always on the lookout for dynamic and friendly people to provide our customers with a great shopping experience.

Individuals with a desire to give back find a flexible, rewarding volunteer experience at Repeat Boutique stores that keeps overhead low and maximizes margin for hospice.

Volunteering at Repeat Boutique means feeling appreciated and working with a greater sense of purpose. As a volunteer you have the opportunity to positively impact customers, donors, your community and the environment.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Receive donations at the store
  • Assist customers
  • Assist in merchandising
  • Work with staff on special projects

Each volunteer is trained on all aspects of store operations, and each person’s experience is tailored to their personal skills and interest.

Call (509) 783-7416 to learn more.

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Make an Impact

As a volunteer with Repeat Boutique you do more than receive donated items. You often provide an unexpected form of grief support. You offer the gift of listening when you pause to hear the story and history of cherished items. You offer support when a widow struggles to let go of their spouse’s items and you assure them that their items will go on to bless someone else. You help shoppers envision something new by suggesting a way to repurpose something.